Genomicist: A Superhero

Start-up molecular biology labs, a chain of labs with a list of genetic tests offered or the international accredited hospitals with genomics testing facilities - All have the omics data floating 24X7. Wondering, about how to handle both the data analysis and data management with limited turn-around time??? This is a similar situation where Peter Parker’s uncle reminded him about-
"With great Power; comes great Responsibility."

Crunching Terabytes of Omics data and analyzing them in bare minimum hours is a really fun task in the analytical world, but the infrastructure plans and implementations are the primary bottlenecks. Only very few can picture the future when they are very sure about their dreams. Can you recollect a moment in your life, where you create something with the purpose of saving the world like 'Tony stark' would say-

"I build neat stuff, got a great girl and occasionally save the world."

Build stuff which will have an impact in saving the world from diseases as it is the need of the hour. Hospitals in India with more beds, large numbers of desktops are operational with huge servers and data centres. Therefore, handling big data is not new to the medical field as there are smart experts who are leading them already. That’s what 'Diana Prince' said-
 " Greatness is not what you think & It’s all an art."   

Choosing the right computational solutions and enabling Omics data analysis, as part of the daily practice with the consideration of predictive sample load is surely a milestone achievement for both Start-ups and Hospitals.

Do a small check box to know your pulse:

1. Do I stand out among the crowd with all modern ultra-fast streaming reporting facility?

2. Is my firm driving an impact in the patient outcomes on a larger scale?                 

3. Do I have an open mindset for adapting dynamic one-stop solutions?            

4. Dreaming to become Pharma industries’ major clinical research site?   

5. Would like to be a game-changer in Modern Laboratory Medicine Practice?     

If you have ticked 3 of the boxes; Congratulations! You are ready for it! 

The subject matter experts from Premas Life Sciences can help you in enabling small-scale genomics facility for start-ups to high end world-class international standard hospitals by promising to improve the patient lifestyle plus making your organization the Pioneer in diagnostic world. 
Hope you remember what 'Morpheus' said to 'Neo' while opening the door for him- 

"I'm trying to free your mind. But I can only show you the door.
You're the one that has to walk through it."

The Genomics Avengers in India are spread across all directions geographically. Highlighting a few of them here; AIIMS/IGIB - New Delhi, TMC/NIBMG – Kolkata/Kalyani, CCMB - Hyderabad, TMH & ACTREC - Mumbai and Medgenome/Strand – Bangalore. They were pro-active and adopted the genomics Dx solutions at a very early stage and are continuing to take the medical field to the next level.
"We still believe in Heroes."

     If your fantasy is Omics; Premas Life Sciences is your official MARVEL & DC!
            If you play your cards right to do good stuff; you are the Superheroes.

    Penned by:
Genomics Clinical Data Analysis
   Rajavarman Kittu
   Clinical Bioinformatics Specialist
   7+ years of Genomics Data Crunching in Clinical & Research settings